MinneWIC 2017 - Program

Friday, February 17, McNamara Alumni Center

4:30-6:00 Registration in Sky-U-Mah room

5:00-6:00pm posters in Sky-U-Mah room

Undergraduate students
U1: The Scrum Experience in Analysis Projects
Evangelista Chicheko, College of St Scholastica
U2: Adding Beginner-Friendly First-Class Shapes Package to Clojure
Courtney Cook, University of Minnesota Morris
U3: Portable, Practical System Management Training using Virtual Clusters
Rachel Frantsen, St. Olaf College
U4: Mobile Autism Application: Informing Care Decisions and Aiding Children with Autism in Understanding Emotions.
Li Kun, University of Minnesota Duluth
U5: Telemedicine Adaption in Rural Hospitals and the National Impact of Telemedicine Use in Rural Care Delivery
Janna Madden, University of Minnesota Duluth
U6: Comparing and Contrasting Solid State Hybrid Drives, Solid State Drives, and Hard Drives
Abby Panfil, College of St. Scholastica
U7: Assessing the Data Security of Mobile apps
Alexa Penn, Doug Ferguson, Marcus Beal and Michael Ty Jones, Carl Sandburg College
U8: Musicology: Aiding Recall of Deeply Embedded Memory
Yichen Wei, University of Minnesota Duluth
U9: Leaning Parallel Computing on the Raspberry Pi through Videos
Margaret Zimmermann, St. Olaf College
U10: A Comparative Study of Google Home and Amazon Echo in College Student Life
Zhiyu Yang, College of St. Scholastica
Graduate Students
G1: Monitoring Bipolar Disorder using Heart Rate, Sleep Pattern and Mood Changes
Rushmeet Bahra, University of Minnesota Duluth
G2: Uncertainty Models for TTC-Based CollisionAvoidance
Zahra Forootaninia,University of Minnesota,graduate student
G3: Effective User Interface With HoloLens For Group Decision Making
Xue Gao, University of Minnesota Duluth
G4: Inductive Validity Cores for Formal Verification
Elaheh Ghassabani, University of Minnesota
G5: Expanding the Role of Socially Assistive Humanoid Robot in Aiding Patients with Dementia
Arshia Zernab Hassan, University of Minnesota Duluth
G6: Tweet Analysis On RIO 2016 Paralympics
Venkata Sravya Kalla, Metropolitan State University
G7: Fingerprinting Past the Front Page: Identifying Keywords in Search Queries over Tor
Se Eun Oh, University of Minnesota
G8: Pathway-based discovery of genetic interactions in breast cancer
Wen Wang, University of Minnesota
G9: #HashtagWars: Learning a sense of humor
Xinru Yan, University of Minnesota

6:00-7:30pm Dinner and Opening Remarks in Johnson Great Room

7:30-8:30pm Keynote speaker

Andrea Machine Learning in the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Arts
Prof. Andrea Danyluk
Williams College

Machine Learning is quickly becoming ubiquitous. It seems that everyone is either already applying it or wants to apply it. But what is machine learning exactly? Where is it being used? How can we separate the reality of machine learning's promise from the hype? In this talk I will introduce machine learning, describe some of its challenges - from scientific to social - and will then discuss work that my students (all undergraduates) and I have been approaching in areas as diverse as ecology and viola performance.

Bio: Andrea Danyluk is the Dennis A. Meenan '54 Third Century Professor of Computer Science at Williams College. She received her A.B. from Vassar College in 1984 and her Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1992, and was a researcher at NYNEX (now Verizon) before joining the faculty at Williams in 1994. At Williams she has served as Department Chair as well as Acting Dean of the Faculty. Danyluk's research interests are in machine learning. In addition to publishing in this area, she has served as both Program co-chair and General Chair of ICML. Danyluk is also active in CS education. She is a co-author of Java: An Eventful Approach, with Kim Bruce and Tom Murtagh, and was a member of the ACM/IEEE Task Force on CS Curricula 2013. She is currently a member of the ACM Education Council. At Williams she regularly teaches CS1 as well as courses in AI and Machine Learning at all levels. She is also a member of the Cognitive Science program. She joined CRA-W in 2008, where her projects focus primarily on undergraduate research mentoring.

Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS) by CRA-W

8:30-9:30pm BOFs in parallel

Saturday, February 18, Keller Hall, room 3-180

8:00-8:45am Breakfast

8:45-9:45 Industry Keynote speaker

Yvonne Searching for the perfect (computing) job... one woman's journey
Yvonne Ng
TekSystems, and President and Founder of Engineer's Playground

9:45-10:45 Career Panel. Chair: Arshia Khan (U of M, Duluth). Panel members: Sthitie Bom (Seagate), Tonya Custis (Thomson Reuter), Tanuja Korlepra (Veritas), and Yvonne Ng (TekSystems and Engineer's Playground).

10:45-11:00 coffee break

11:00-11:25 lightning talks

L1: Cyber-attacks, Security and STEM Curriculum
Suvineetha Herath, Sandburg College
L2: Replication of Scientific Results as a Capstone Project
Brianna Cunniff, St. Olaf College
L3: Movies on Computer Pioneers and Internet Startups: Interpersonal Trust and Collaboration Issues
Jo Ann Oravec, University of Wisconsin at Whitewater
L4: How to Increase Middle-School-Aged Girl Involvement in Computer Science
Heather Amthauer, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Jill Phippen, Altoona Middle School, Altoona, Wisconsin

11:30-12:30 Graduate School Panel. Chair: Anna Rafferty (Carleton). Panel members: Andrea Danyluk (Williams College), Janna Madden (undergrad, University of Minnesota, Duluth), Marie Manner (PhD student, University of Minnesota), Jan Pearce (Berea College).

12:30-1:30 Lunch in the atrium

Career fair: Andamio Games/Adventium, Target, Thomson Reuter, Veritas

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